Welcome… kind of

Growing up watching hockey, I have learned many different things from many different players. One of the things I have learned from NHL Superstar Jaromir Jagr is that there is nothing more important than your own statistics.

Keeping that in mind, a casual glance to MYFO’s stat board today reveals a sudden spike in visitors, most likely due to the shout-out from the Godfather over at Deadspin. While this mentioning is very much appreciated, it might also be considered pre-mature and unexpected. You see, I’m pretty sure that starting up a hockey blog in July is not very high on the great ideas list, probably falling somewhere between the proverbial screen door on a submarine and (for you basketball fans) taking Sam Bowie with your first round draft pick.

With that said, on behalf of my fellow MYFO linemates, I welcome you to take a look around, but please keep in mind that we are the blog equivalent of Gretzky with the Indianapolis Racers – we have big expectations, but the dynasty has yet to arrive. At the very least, come back in October when we are breaking scoring records and winning Cups…