NHL Mascots: Exposed! (Volume V)

Welcome to another installment of MYFO’s NHL Mascots: Exposed! Series. I am confident that by now you all know the routine, so let’s just get to it, shall we?

One caveat: as has been the case with other volumes, we are dealing with mascots, so things can get a little hairy, literally and figuratively, so be forewarned.

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NHL Mascots: Exposed! (Volume IV)

Mascot Bukkake!

Mascot Bukkake!

Welcome to the fourth installment of MYFO’s NHL Mascots: Exposed! series. Today’s edition features only two mascots but what occurred between these once close friends but now bitter rivals deserved its own post as it fractured the tightly-knit NHL Mascot community so terribly, the extent of the damage may never fully be realized. Perhaps we can all learn something from this tragic tale.

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NHL Mascots: Exposed (Volume III)

After a lengthy hiatus, MYFO is pleased to finally present the third installment of our “NHL Mascots: Exposed” series, where we take a closer look at those perky purveyors of performance art and attempt to ascertain what makes them tick. But be forewarned: the life of a mascot is not always a pretty one. The road to the top, as these fine examples of arena entertainment surely have trekked, is fraught with detours, some more shameful than others. Enjoy.

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If A Penguin And An Octopus Got Into A Fight, Who Would Win?

The question posed in the title of this post has confounded biologists for decades (at least the unhinged ones). Now with the Stanley Cup Finals between Detroit and Pittsburgh only one day away, the very same question is presently bouncing inside the heads of hockey fans everywhere as well (at least the unhinged ones).

I did some interweb sleuthing (e-baying and oogling and such) and came across some very interesting information that may help us solve the puzzle of who would win if the mascots for the Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins ever were forced to go mano a mano in a battle for the ages.

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NHL Mascots: Exposed! (Volume II)


Welcome to another episode of MYFO’s recurring feature, NHL Mascots: Exposed! The initial installment of this bit utilized NHL.com’s mascot page which, much to the chagrin of yours truly, appears to have not been updated since Sidney Crosby started sprouting pubes – wait, wasn’t that just last week?

Anyhoo, I will now exploit a much more, ahem, reliable source, the esteemed and never-wrong Wikipedia. Join me, as we journey through the perverse and sordid world of NHL Mascots. But be forewarned: things could get a little sticky. Continue reading

NHL Mascots: Exposed!

NHL Mascot Group Shot

During one of my frequent perusals of the fine site NHL.com, I happened upon a little area I have never seen before in my visits. It was the Mascot Madness page. What I first discovered was that according to the information provided, only 20 teams currently have mascots. The second thing I discovered is that NHL mascots are, for the most part, pretty lame. So I delved a bit deeper, using various sources and utilizing the rapidly dwindling funds remaining in the MYFO coffers (hey, bail and bribery aren’t cheap!) and discovered some shocking information about these so-called “entertainment enhancers”. After the jump, let’s get to know the NHL mascots a little more than perhaps we need to, shall we?

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