Release the Hounds, er ThunderBug!

RD is in love.

RD is in love.

Hey everyone, it’s that time again!  No, not to “Remember the Alamo” or perform one of our cute skits.  The season’s starting tomorrow in Prague, which is slightly less dangerous than Bratislava.  I wanted cover the game in person, but with rising Xanax and bourbon costs, the only way I’m crossing the Atlantic is by millions of seagulls.  And I don’t see any giant peaches, do you?  So, I offer this public service announcement.

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How to Spot a Print Journalism Hack: A MYFO Public Service Announcement

NHL training camps are already beginning to crank up. This portends a high likelihood that your local birdcage liner will soon come out with an “NHL Season Preview” package (probably in a Saturday edition, behind the strip club ads and erectile dysfunction advertorials). Even at smaller papers, the package can appear to be pretty impressive. How did Stu Sportswriter have the time to pull all those nuggets of info on all 30 teams, in between covering high school soccer tournaments and profiling the starting tight end at State U?

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