Winners of the MYFO Fantasy Playoff Pool

Sorry about the delay in getting this post up. It’s been one of those weeks.

After the jump are the final standings in the Playoff Pool.

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Winner, Winner. Chicken Dinner.

Morning and welcome back from the long weekend, folks. Below the jump are the winners of the Jerseys, Posters, and Stick Blade in the Melt Your Face-Off Stanley Cup Picks Challenge, Sponsored by Versus.

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TWW: We Are Pleased To Announce The Opening Of The MYFO Store On Zazzle

Do you hate to go shopping at the mall? Can’t stand the crowds, the overload to the senses, the security personnel that follows your every move when you’re in Aeropostale? Well, friends, those uncomfortable days are going to be long behind you now that you can take care of nearly all your hockey blog-related shopping needs at The MYFO Store on!

So go and peruse all of the wares we are peddling and if something tickles your buying bone, don’t be afraid to make a purchase. We can assure you that the clothing is made with only the highest quality materials by the best unskilled child labor that Indonesia has to offer.

There is a handy link to our store on Zazzle on the right sidebar of this site. Don’t be afraid to use it.

And remember, 10% of all proceeds go directly to The MYFO Fund.

The MYFO Fund: Money for Bloggers.

Don’t be afraid to spend some of the money you earn reading and commenting on blogs all the live-long day. We need the money. Attorneys that specialize in Appellate Law don’t come cheap. 

You Want MYFO Swag? I Got Your MYFO Swag Right Here, Bitch


As many of you are well-aware of by now, we here at MYFO are morally bankrupt. What you may not be aware of is that we are now fiscally bankrupt as well. You see, the MYFO coffers have finally run dry and we are now forced to take action. After many late-night meetings, we have decided the best way to restock our dwindling financial resources is to allow all of you, our dear fans, to become more than just a sporadic viewer of our fine blog and actually be able to show the world that you are a devoted reader of the 202nd most popular blog on the interwebs!

After the jump, check out the first in what will be many editions of MYFO swag!

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