Random Internet Blog Trade Rumors: Ruutu-rrific

Nobody said Eklund was a manYou can’t have too many Ruutuus. At least, that seems to be the attitude of the Pittsburgh Penguins, if the rumorsphere is to be believed. Not content with just Jarkko, the Pens are reportedly pursuing Tuomo, who plies his trade for the Blackhawks. Are they brothers? Cousins? Do they even spell their last name the same way? As FrankD at Pensburgh notes: “Hey, the Sedins have it in Vancouver.” You can’t argue with that.

In addition to Ruutttuuu, the Pens also have interest in Martin Havlat, and might be willing to send Jordan Staal to Chicago in return. Now, Havlat is a nice player, and I suppose Ruutti has his high points. But if I’m the Blackhawks, I would jump at the chance to have Kane, Toews and Staal committing to the Indian for the next several seasons. Continue reading

Random Internet Blog Trade Rumors: Feeling Stabby

This edition of Random Internet Blog Trade Rumors is brought to you by our friend Stabby up there. Isn’t he cute?

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Random Internet Blog Trade Rumors: Special Quickie Edition of Ridculitude

From the Repeat or Die Department: a report has the Anaheim Ducks as being the frontrunners to acquire Rob Blake. That would give them Blake, Mathieu Schneider, Chris Pronger and Scott Niedermayer on the blueline. Granted, Blake is 38, has a bum ankle, and hasn’t played particularly well this season. But how many teams would kill to have Blake and Schneider as their No. 1 defensive pairing? Oh, about 20, I’d say. If this comes to pass, I will officially anoint the Senators as my backup playoff rooting interest. The Ducks must be stopped!

Random Internet Blog Trade Rumors: Emery Boards

fair_trade.gifRay Emery is crazy. Cray-zee, baby. Word around the rinks is that he has been hitting the donuts hard–when he does show up for practice, there’s powdered sugar all over his sweater. He’s lost the support of many Ottawa fans, if the estimable Senators Lost Cojones is any indication. The coach won’t play him if he loses, his teammates can’t be happy with his practice-missing antics; he may even want out himself. So Ray is prime trade bait, even if he does come with lots of baggage and a hefty contract. But where should he start apartment-shopping? Continue reading

Random Internet Blog Trade Rumors: Music City Mayhem

What a ToolThe biggest trade rumor of the week was Eklund’s “Ultimate Fantasy Hockey GM Special” that had the Capitals sending Alex Ovechkin and Olaf Kolzig to Nashville for a motley and ever-changing collection of players and draft picks. This idea didn’t pass the smell test, the laugh test, the IQ test, or any other test designed to measure basic plausibility. Fans in DC weren’t really taken in, since Uncle Ted had proclaimed the same day his intent to keep Ovechkin long term with the Caps.

(Quick aside: You just know that team execs love running these bullshit proposals past Eklund, to see if he will actually run with them. GMs have to have some sort of prop bet on who can get him to snap on the biggest whopper. This one is now the leader in the clubhouse.)

But the story was just a little different in Nashville. With new ownership ready to go and plenty of cap space, hockey in Music City is set to get Shaken, Rattled and Rolled as the trade deadline approaches next month. Sadly, GM David Poile looks like he might be ready to break up the band, before they even really got together. Rumors were already abounding that the Predators are shopping JP Dumont around. And not just him, Shea Weber, too. What will that do for the new CD release?

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Random Internet Blog Trade Rumors of the Week: Bring Me Some Figgy Pudding

Nobody said Eklund was a manWe at MYFO have scoured the hockey Ebays (or Eb’ehs, as they say up North) for the ridiculous, the preposterous, and the merely ignorant trade proposals floating around out there.

This week’s RIBT Rumors of the Week are a bit special. More special than usual, that is. Thanks to the holiday “trade freeze,” these rumors will have a couple of extra days to percolate before they disappear into wherever ass-talking-generated trade rumors go. So, enjoy the following as you savor your Christmas goose.

The first RIBT Rumor of the Week surrounds Ottawa winger Antoine Vermette. Although he has a first name better suited for the NBA, Vermette is young (25), cheap, and has shown glimpses of offensive skill. By dangling a player like this, the Senators clearly believe they have a legit shot at winning the Stanley Cup this season. One rumor has Vermette going to Pittsburgh. The return would be Gary Roberts. But Black Aces thinks Patrick Marleau would be a better fit. I’d rather have the tough old man, I think. Continue reading

Random Internet Blog Trade Rumors of the Week: A Whale of a Deal

Nobody said Eklund was a manThis is the kickoff of a new (and hopefully weekly) MYFO feature: the Random Internet Blog Trade Rumor of the Week. We at MYFO scour the hockey Ebays (or Eb’ehs, as they say up North) for the ridiculous, the preposterous, and the merely ignorant trade proposals floating around out there.

First up this week: Rumblings out of Tampa regarding the Lightning’s potential desire to trade Martin St. Louis. Any deal involving St. Louis, one of the top ten scoring threats in the league, would have to be a blockbuster, right? Tampa could re-stock their roster with 2 or 3 NHL-caliber players, or land a truly elite prospect or two. St. Louis is 32, and had a 100-point season in 2006-07, and makes a little over $5 million. A contender looking for the final piece of the puzzle, or a wealthy team looking to spark a turnaround (cough-Montreal-cough) would be thrilled to land St. Louis, I’d think. Continue reading