We Were There: Ryan Suter Shot Me

As a Chicago Blackhawk fan, it is very easy for me to hate certain players. Jordin Tootoo wears a visor when he fights, Tomas Holmstrom is a slow turd, and Chris Chelios is a turncoat. However, there is one player who has earned my wrath not because he plays for a Central Division rival, but because he greatly shamed me. That player is Ryan Suter.

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It’s My Hex in a Box!

ted-headshot-1.jpgOn the night of Trade Deadline Day, which of the following three global personalities were least likely to be in Washington Capitals’ Owner Ted Leonsis’ Personal Box?

A) Commissioner Gary Bettman

B) The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic

C) Hextall454

D) Trick question: WE. WERE. ALL. THERE.

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We Were There: The Legend of Vincent Tremblay Celebrates the New Year with 71,216 of His Closest Friends


Most of the MYFO crew were nestled snugly in the butt grooves of their couches for the liveblog. The Legend of Vincent Tremblay, however, found the right combination of incantations and sacrifices to appease the TicketMaster Gods, and made his way to Orchard Park to witness the Winter Classic first hand. While his attempts at participating in the liveblog by email turned into a fight to prevent his wireless provider from remotely detonating the battery in his phone, he did collect enough notes to prepare this report.

Welcome to Buffalo

The drive up from Pittsburgh was an uneventful 3 1/2 hours. (This is called foreshadowing.)

This was, for all the travel I’ve done, the first time I’ve been a road fan. Other times, when I’ve travelled to a sporting event, there wasn’t a Pittsburgh team involved. So this would be my first chance to take what the Old College Roommate and I have dished out for years from over the visitor’s runway at Mellon Arena.

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We Were There: The Lightning Hockey Classic

Welcome to a new feature here on MYFO: We Were There. This is where we go out and try to look cool and professional while really just trying to get laid by saying we run one of the top ten hockey blogs on the internet.

I got a call late Saturday night offering me a couple center-ice seats for the Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Classic. Apparently, Tampa is showing they’re ready for a full-fledged Final Four to be held in downtown Tampa, and having an assload of NCAA sports played at the Forum is their way of showing it. After the jump, read along as I sat through one of the most entertaining games I’ve ever seen.

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