Meta: Selling Out, New Feature, Reader Response, and Construction



Evening folks. As Rask points out below (look now! I’ll be here when you come back.), tomorrow begins the season. With that, MYFO is taking the opportunity to kick back into full-speed. We have a few more previews to come out, but heading into the final “Off Weekend”, we’re introducing another new feature, and this one is designed to only pop up once in a while!

Before we get to that, a bit of Meta stuff.: we here at MYFO apologize in advance for any down time we have over the weekend. We’re doing a bit of last-minute pre-season cleaning that we should have done over the summer, but one of us was about as productive as a monkey masturbating with a banana peel over the summer. Not saying who (me) but that person is very sorry for the time that he (I) has (have) wasted. Good lord willing, and creeks not rising, we’ll be new and improved Monday morning, with special treats for everyone!

Also, MYFO started the process of selling out to the highest bidder by joining in on ESPN: The Magazine’s hockey preview. Go comment on their post and tell them how funny we are. We’re selling out more in the near future, but we’ll tell you about that once things are finalized.

And now, after the break, we introduce The MYFO Home Game.

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The New It’s Mission Impossible 2

I remembering seeing Mission: Impossible in the theater some 12 years ago.  (What else was I going to go see?  The Pallbearer?)  Looking back, I remember two main things about the flick.  First – it pushed the envelope action-wise, and left us with at least one iconic spy scene (you know, when Tom Cruise casts his Scientology magic to hover above a shiny kitchen floor.) 

Second – I have no idea what the fuck went on in this movie.

If you asked me to explain the plot of the movie now, in 2008, I could probably describe some visuals for you, name drop a few of the actors, and provide you with the most basic of information.  I would feel as if I did my job selling the movie to you, but both you and I know, I have no idea what the hell I’m talking about.  I’m still not sure if Jon Voight was a good guy or a bad guy.  (Based on my Varsity Blues bias, however, I’m going to assume bad guy.)

In essence, this is my opinion when it comes to the once and current  It seems like most of the basic things you’d want out of a league’s website are there, and you can get enough information to sound like you know what you’re talking about.  Other than that, it’s a backwards-logic, confusing implosion of hockey.

Good news, sports fans.  The NHL feels your pain, and has come out with a sequel.

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Apparently, The Members of Def Leppard Enjoy Having Sugar Poured On Them By 10-Year-Old Vietnamese Girls

God Save the Queens
God Save the Queens

As many of you know, there is a big to-do scheduled for October 9th in Detroit to kick-off the 2008-09 NHL season. It has been dubbed the “NHL Face-Off Rocks 2008” and hoo boy, is it ever going to rule. The reason?  The event will be headlined by none other than Def Leppard, “the greatest arena rock band of all-time” (the NHL’s words, not mine). For those readers too young to have experienced the awesomeness that is Def Leppard the first time around, not only did you miss out on glam rock greatness, you also missed the band that penned the most popular strip club song in history perform in their heyday.

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How to Spot a Print Journalism Hack: A MYFO Public Service Announcement

NHL training camps are already beginning to crank up. This portends a high likelihood that your local birdcage liner will soon come out with an “NHL Season Preview” package (probably in a Saturday edition, behind the strip club ads and erectile dysfunction advertorials). Even at smaller papers, the package can appear to be pretty impressive. How did Stu Sportswriter have the time to pull all those nuggets of info on all 30 teams, in between covering high school soccer tournaments and profiling the starting tight end at State U?

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You Can Almost Smell the Sweaty Shinpads

Enough of this fucking summer already. Training camps are opening soon, which means that there will be actual real live hockey to digest. No more watching an NHL Network replay of a 1987 tilt between Winnipeg and Edmonton (and, scarily, sort of getting into it). No more reliving “classic” first-round playoff matchups from 2006.

In that spirit, starting tomorrow, MYFO (with the help of many, many guests) will be previewing each and every team in the NHL. October can’t get here soon enough.

Stand Back! There’s a Hurricane Coming Through!

Before I begin, I’m guest-hosting over at GoingFiveHole today. Drop by and show them some MYFO-style attention. Except for that Fanhouse guy that bumped me from the morning to the afternoon. Fuck that dude, even if he does like Barry Melrose..

I try not to let my blatant homerism shine through on here. I rarely post about the Lightning, except to make Saw jokes about the owners and bust out some Clerks references, mostly because I never want to be one of “those” guys. You know the type, the bloggers who obsess about their own team to the point where any minor criticism causes a sea of rage. (Yes, I’m well aware that link goes to the wrong spot. But I think it’s funnier this way.)

That said, the Lightning are going to be pretty fucking good this year.

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NHL Network To Commemorate The Trade That Ruined The NHL

Twenty years ago this week, Wayne Gretzky was traded from the Edmonton Oilers to the Los Angeles Kings. The trade caused a noticeable seismic shift in the focal point of the League’s attention from our brothers and sisters in the Great White North and the more traditional hockey markets in the Northern United States and ushered in the NHL’s “Sun Belt” expansion.

Whether you choose to agree or disagree that the NHL’s expansion to the South has been good or bad for the overall health of the sport, and there are compelling arguments for both sides, one has to admit that the move to non-traditional markets has been a source of some of the League’s current problems (which I will not get into here – I’ll leave that to the experts – and for a look back at media reactions at the time of the trade, check out this article on sportsnet).

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