Some Blogger Guy From “The Hockey News” Has All The Answers


Mike Brophy, blogger extraordinaire for The Hockey News, took it upon himself in a post published on August 4th to be one of the few people the only person in the friggin’ world to try and attempt the impossible task of defending Gary Bettman. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have casually read Brophy’s work from time to time and usually his work his more than competent. That is what makes this post all the more puzzling.

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Mike Keenan Doesn’t Celebrate Secretary’s Day

Before Sunday’s Blackhawks-Flames tilt …

You fucking turdsucking shitheads, if we don’t get out of this mistake by the lake city with 2 points, I’m gonna piss on your mothers’ graves. The last time these turds went to the Stanley Cup, you know who was the coach? That’s right, yours fucking truly! Do you know who’s in net for them? Patrick Lalime. HE’S A HUMAN PONG PADDLE!!! And a slow one at that! Like playing your cross-eyed five year old cousin at ping pong! If we can’t beat this group of numbnuts, I’ll make you skate Mikeys!

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