Ovie’s Passion Part III: First Star Friday

Friday March 21, 2008: The Capitals Locker Room

Late Friday night, The Capitals congratulated Alex Ovechkin on his entrance into the 60 Goal Club by locking him in a broom closet. Greeny smeared a Barbasol pie in Ovie’s face, and Donald grabbed the stunned Ovie by the collar and threw the superstar into a small room adjacent to the visitor’s locker room. Viktor grabbed the door handle to prevent Ovie from escaping and to thwart anyone from entering, but Shaone wrested control of the portal from Viktor.

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Ovie’s Passion Part II: Dreadful Wednesday


*Sigh*, why must we haz this silly Ceres Money?

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Ovie’s Passion Part I: Fortuitous Tuesday

This iz holiest time of year. When mythologies are created, like Bob Coztaz beating Steve Sullivan in battle of heightz and Mark Messy Yay’s hairline receding faster than normal because of extra testosteroni, the Edmontoni Treat! Now, in 2008 in the year of our Bob Carpenter (A.B.C.), a new mythoz is created. Not one that makes David Jaffe creamz his pantz, but one that resuzcitatez a city!

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