Guess Who’s Forty-Three and Ready to Rock?


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Hey Kids, It’s Summer Camp Time! Now Where Do You Little Bastards Want To Go?

Hi, there. This is Derek Boogaard and I have some bad news.

MYFO has generously afforded me the opportunity to take a moment out of their hectic posting schedule to inform you that this summer, there will be no Boogaard Fighting Camp. I am profoundly disappointed about this and I would rather not get into why I will be not holding the camp at this point. The one thing I will say is the negative publicity and media backlash that resulted from my last Fighting Camp had a lot to do with my decision and let’s leave it at that.

But do not fret, for from the ashes of the Fighting Camp, a new Boogaard camp has been created:

I am pleased to announce and be sure to get your registration forms in early, because space is limited for the Derek Boogaard Debate Camp.

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Aw, crap, again? Fiiiiiiinnnne – Updated

As we learned from the estimable Weed against Speed this morning, the NHL Awards are tonight, LIVE at 7 PM EDT on Versus. Once again, your favorite MYFO’rs will be liveblogging the event. Join us and make fun of ill-fitting tuxedos and awkward speeches!

UPDATE: To join the liveblog, simply click this link. We’ll see you there. Well, not see you – read you – or something.

Western Conference Goons, You Are All On Notice: BOOOOGAAAARD’s Back!


The moment finally arrived. Although he returned the other night in the Wild’s win against the Colorado Avalanche, Derek Boogaard returned to his pugilistic ways last night in Minnesota’s tilt against the surging San Jose Sharks. Although the Wild lost to the Sharks 4-3 in the shootout after Marian Gaborik tied it up with only 28 seconds left and defensemen Kurtis Foster suffered a broken leg when he violently crashed into the boards; it was nevertheless nice to see Boogaard back.

 In only his 27th game in an injury-plagued season, Boogey was hungry and last night, and Jody Shelley just happened to be the goon de jour.

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MYFO’s Classic Movie Adaptations: Goodfellas (Part II)

Stabby Simon

We proudly continue with the presentation of MYFO’s Classic Movie Adaptation of Goodfellas, here on Mastercrease Theatre. Join us, will you? To view Part I of the production, you can find it here. Enjoy.  

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MYFO’s Classic Movie Adaptations: Goodfellas (Part I)


Hello, MYFO readers. Martin Scorsese here. I imagine few of you are aware I’m a big hockey fan. In fact, I love the NHL – okay – in particular the Minnesota Wild. So I followed with great interest – okay – the recent developments involving my beloved team. At the trade deadline, the Wild picked up Chris Simon in a trade. I mean, Chris Simon? He’s more fitting as a character in one of my films as opposed to a professional hockey player – which got me to thinking – okay – picture this – okay –

Every year or so, I try to do something – okay – it keeps me refreshed as to what’ s going on in front of the lens, and I understand what the actor is going through. So, get this – okay – I have re-imagined some key scenes from Goodfellas and adapted them to try and perceive with my mind’s eye how things could go with Derek Boogaard, Todd Fedoruk and Chris Simon on the same team.

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Goon of the Week: Craig Weller

Craig Weller of the Phoenix Coyotes already held a special place in Goondome for his pursuit and clotheslining early this season of superpest Jordin Tootoo after Tootoo had (surprise!) cheapshotted one of his teammates. I’ll give you that video after the jump, but that’s not why Weller is the Goon of the Week.

No, he earned that honor for a 5-second stretch in a game last Thursday versus the Blue Jackets. As you will see, Weller crushes Rick Nash into the boards, and then runs over another Jacket for good measure. Jackets enforcer Ole-Kristian Tollefsen comes rushing to the scene…only to get met with Weller’s gloveless fist, resulting in a one-punch TKO:

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