MYFO Exclusive: David Stern Talks Playoffs

The Stanley Cup Finals may be over, but the NBA Finals are just getting under way tonight. When offered the chance for an exclusive chat with NBA honcho David Stern, we couldn’t resist. After all, this is the guy Gary Bettman learned about running a league from. From the lips of the Master to your ears… Continue reading

NHL Officials Show Off Their Favorite Dance Moves


The life of an NHL referee or linesman can be a hard one. The long road trips and being away from their families are just the tip of the iceberg. Add in the hostility of hometown fans who berate them anytime a call doesn’t go their squad’s way and the fact they are only noticed when they make a mistake just add-on to an already stressful job.

So, how do these guys blow off steam? What do they do to refresh themselves so they are be able to hop on that next plane and check-in at the next hotel? The answer is dancing, of course.

I discovered on the internets a site that reveals their love of dancing. What follows is NHL officials Bill McCreary, Greg Kimmerly, Paul Stewart, Rob Shick, Kerry Fraser and Pierre Champoux demonstrating some of the moves they like to bust out when they feel the need to shake their groove thang.

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