The Return of MYFO’s (P)friday Perfunctory Photo Pop Probatory

Welcome to another edition of MYFO’s (P)friday Perfunctory Photo Pop Probatory. Every Friday Whenever the hell I feel like it, I will put up a few photos and ask a few multiple choice questions. Today’s quiz involves photos from Valtteri Filppula’s day with the Cup in Finland a few weeks ago as well as a couple of photos when from Henrik Zetterberg’s day in Sweden. Keep your eyes on your own papers, people – at least if you want them to remain in your ocular cavities, that is.

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Teenage Angstclub

As Rask so eloquently pointed out, there’s not a whole lot going on right now in Puck World.  And without any logical tie-ins to the Olympics or NFL Training Camp, ice hockey beat writers are struggling with their August doldrum “PAY ATTENTION TO ME” pieces.  But thanks to a bunch of pre-teens swinging metal bats somewhere in Pennsylvania, there’s still hope.

Ah, the Little League World Series.

For those not important enough to get a Beijing press pass or a unlimited expense account to visit suburban collegiate gridirons, they are left to cover a nationally-televised children with He Kexin-esque aging issues.  Hey, hockey writers!  You’re not doing anything!  See if you can find an NHL tie-in at the LLWS!

Ah, Chris Drury.

As a few some all of you know, New York Rangers forward Chris Drury had a LLWS ring (he promptly traded it to Billy for a Todd Van Poppel rookie card). has desperately interviewed Drury, learning such ground breaking insights like how he “remembers what a good time it was” and “it was exciting.”  Get that guy a Pulitzer. 

(Or a Todd Van Poppel rookie card.)

After the jump, we give you what Chris Drury really thinks about his diamond days, assuming he’s got a bit of Truth Serum Lager and Ale in him.

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Dear God, How Can Three Months Seem So Long?

Ah, the doldrums of an NHL blogger during the summer. No reports of Mike Keenan making players cry, Chris Chelios is regenerating in Jaye Davidson’s sarcophagus, and Marty Turco’s gender solidifies off the ice. What am I supposed to mock?

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NHL Mascots: Exposed! (Volume V)

Welcome to another installment of MYFO’s NHL Mascots: Exposed! Series. I am confident that by now you all know the routine, so let’s just get to it, shall we?

One caveat: as has been the case with other volumes, we are dealing with mascots, so things can get a little hairy, literally and figuratively, so be forewarned.

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Oh My God – What Have We Done?

Every year, the Philadelphia Flyers spice up their rookie/prospect/Steve Downie camp with the Trial on the Isle – “an exciting training day as part of mini-camp for the Philadelphia Flyers prospects which included a run, kayak, and charity softball game.”  Hell yes.  If there’s anything that’s going to help take down Kid Jesus and his Disciples next June, it’s the fact that our organizations teenagers played charity softball eight months in advance. 

Anyway, the Flyers website has about eleventy billion photos comemmorating the event, which probably means some lowly intern had to complete the triathalon himself so as to document a bunch of guys in orange in their invasion of Avalon, New Jersey.  If not an intern, then maybe it was Jaroslav Modry looking for a job.  Oh, he signed?  Nevermind.  Fine, it was an intern.

So while this may seem like a publicity stunt crossbred with cardiovascular endurance training, we here at MYFO have come to a startling revelation.  If you might remember, two years ago the Flyers were awful.  Like Tomb of the Dragon Emperor awful.  As a reward for their sucktitude, they were granted a top 5 pick, which they spent on college boy James van Riemsdyk.

What a colossal mistake.

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Some Blogger Guy From “The Hockey News” Has All The Answers


Mike Brophy, blogger extraordinaire for The Hockey News, took it upon himself in a post published on August 4th to be one of the few people the only person in the friggin’ world to try and attempt the impossible task of defending Gary Bettman. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have casually read Brophy’s work from time to time and usually his work his more than competent. That is what makes this post all the more puzzling.

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MYFO’s (P)friday Perfunctory Photo Pop Probatory

I've Got It Bad, Got It Bad, Got It Bad

I've Got It Bad, Got It Bad, Got It Bad...

Welcome to another edition of MYFO’s (P)friday Perfunctory Photo Pop Probatory. Every Friday Whenever the hell I feel like it, I will put up a photo or two and ask a few multiple choice questions. This time we take a look at some photos from July 17th and 18th, when Mike Babcock took Lord Stanley’s Cup on an all-expenses paid trip to Saskatoon. The quiz…begins…now.

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