Season Preview: Detroit Red Wings

This preview: fair and balanced like the seesaw

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Bring on Angola!

Apparently, if you can arrange so that your biggest draws in your league can advance to your Finals, even 4-letter Connecticuttian media hegemons will take notice.

Special to (meaning thinks he’s retarded), Damien Cox penned an article the other night that likens everyone’s favorite hockey savior to our version of Larry Bird.  And since every doofy comparison requires a Magic, it appears that our friend OVIE TIME has won the right to play the Laker on ice.  Bird and Magic = Crosby and Ovechkin?  Sigh.  Damien Cox, if you wanted to create an obtuse analogy, you would have done the following.

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The New Mayor of Hockeytown

It shouldn’t have been that easy.

As I alluded to on Deadspin last week, I’m up here in Michigan for two long weeks of business training.  Detroit?  What a great time to be in Detroit.  Two teams are highly-seeded playoff squads, the Tigers recently remembered that they play baseball for a living, and it’s time for Matt Millen’s Annual Draftastic Nightmare.  You have to be proud, Michigan.

As I sat in my hotel room, waiting for the final seconds of the Calgary-San Jose Game 7 last Tuesday night, I got a crazy idea.  One thing was for sure – the Red Wings would be hosting Games 1 and 2 of their 2nd round series.  And once the merciless clock runs out on the Flames (and the decomposing CuJo), those games’ details would be released by the league.  Since I had nothing going on for the weekend, how hard would it be to get a seat in Joe Louis Arena?

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It Went Better Than My First Date

Lidstrom: Did you get the slumpbuster?

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