Happy Labor Day, folks

Bit of a quick hit that I stumbled upon this weekend. Getting past the overwhelming cloud of Aquanet, process for a moment that the chick is the nominee for Vice President of the United States.

I have an ex who has big tits and is pro-life. Can she be nominated for VP too? She could probably run a good play-by-play on a Big 10 basketball game, too.

I don’t care about any of your political views. I really don’t. But…seriously? Couldn’t we have at least gotten the “Boom Goes the Dynamite” dude?

Stand Back! There’s a Hurricane Coming Through!

Before I begin, I’m guest-hosting over at GoingFiveHole today. Drop by and show them some MYFO-style attention. Except for that Fanhouse guy that bumped me from the morning to the afternoon. Fuck that dude, even if he does like Barry Melrose..

I try not to let my blatant homerism shine through on here. I rarely post about the Lightning, except to make Saw jokes about the owners and bust out some Clerks references, mostly because I never want to be one of “those” guys. You know the type, the bloggers who obsess about their own team to the point where any minor criticism causes a sea of rage. (Yes, I’m well aware that link goes to the wrong spot. But I think it’s funnier this way.)

That said, the Lightning are going to be pretty fucking good this year.

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Illinois is Gone

In spite of what Norb says, Lemont, IL isn’t the best town for experiencing all that this world has to offer. Christian Vande Velde can’t peddle fast enough to escape the banalities of the village. Diablo Cody had to escape to Minneapolis to write like a teenager. Likewise, I couldn’t wait to leave my Podunk town for college in Milwaukee.

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Mediocre Russians Going Home? Yawn.

That doesn't look like a Lincoln ripoff. Not at all.

That doesn't look like a Lincoln ripoff. Not at all.

NHL brass has their panties in a wad once again over upstart Russian hockey league the KHL (“the ‘K’ is because it’s eKstreeeeme!”). Seems the Russian petrogoons who run the KHL may or may not be violating the “truce” negotiated between the two leagues a few weeks back, and are once again attempting to lure Russian players back to the motherland with promises of fine beluga and classic ZIL limousines, such as the one pictured above.

Last time, it was rumors of Evgeni Malkin being lured to Magnitogorsk. This time, it’s…Alex Radulov?! And Viktor Tikhonov?! Nooooooo! Continue reading

MYFO Liveblog: The NHL Draft

Hey there, friends! Tonight we’ll be liveblogging the NHL Draft, as advertised. Be sure to join us just before 7 PM EDT as we get together for the final time this season and make fun of foreigners with funny names as teams pin their franchise hopes on a kid too young for pubes.

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Aw, crap, again? Fiiiiiiinnnne – Updated

As we learned from the estimable Weed against Speed this morning, the NHL Awards are tonight, LIVE at 7 PM EDT on Versus. Once again, your favorite MYFO’rs will be liveblogging the event. Join us and make fun of ill-fitting tuxedos and awkward speeches!

UPDATE: To join the liveblog, simply click this link. We’ll see you there. Well, not see you – read you – or something.

Bad Credit? No Problem! The NHL Approves EVERYONE!

William “Boots” DelBiaggio, who was recently approved by the NHL Board of Governors as co-owner of the Predators, has filed for bankruptcy in federal court in California. Now, I’m not saying that the Board of Governors has their collective head up their ass, but when you approve someone to own a franchise in your league, largely based on the strength and stability of their finances, and a few months later they are in bankruptcy court, that doesn’t do much for your credibility.

Martin Erat, the talented winger for the Nashville Predators who recently signed a lengthy contract extension (delighting sexy Czech girls everywhere), is now nervously wondering whether his name and the $71 million he is owed will be showing up in court filings soon. And, more importantly, whether he’ll actually see it. Continue reading