MYFO Liveblog: The NHL Draft

Hey there, friends! Tonight we’ll be liveblogging the NHL Draft, as advertised. Be sure to join us just before 7 PM EDT as we get together for the final time this season and make fun of foreigners with funny names as teams pin their franchise hopes on a kid too young for pubes.

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Aw, crap, again? Fiiiiiiinnnne – Updated

As we learned from the estimable Weed against Speed this morning, the NHL Awards are tonight, LIVE at 7 PM EDT on Versus. Once again, your favorite MYFO’rs will be liveblogging the event. Join us and make fun of ill-fitting tuxedos and awkward speeches!

UPDATE: To join the liveblog, simply click this link. We’ll see you there. Well, not see you – read you – or something.

It’s an Honor Just to Be Patronized

(First off, do not underestimate the power of the live blog.  See the post below this for details.)

You have to love tonight’s Awards Show, or any award show for that matter.  All we’re doing is bestowing honors on people for being great at what they do for a living.  Here’s what you don’t realize – they already know they’re great.  They don’t need shiny pointy things to prove it.  So sure, you can celebrate their greatness, as well as the two also-rans who have to clap politely as the winners ascend that glorious staircase of achievement. 

Speaking of which, the process of releasing official nominees to the public seems unnecessary, no?  After all, the league is merely identifying the second and third best players at a respective skill.  It’s a little known fact that the NHL actually ranks ALL eligible players in each category from first to last.  They may only let us know the top three, but I assure the people of MYFO, they’ve got it itemized right down to the very worst player.

Today we celebrate those very worst players with the 1st Annual NHL Lasties, probably brought to you by Edge Shave Gel and those Creepy Jet Pack Girls who Fly Up Your Nose.

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If the NHL Awards Show Aired But No One Knew It Was On, Did It Really Even Happen?

Even though it seems like the NHL doesn’t want you to know, the Awards Show is in fact taking place Thursday night in Toronto. Oh sure, it’s airing on Versus at 7:00 in the States (and on CBC for our brothers and sisters in Canuckistan), but did you know that? Why aren’t they promoting an event like this more? I could find nary a mention that it actually is going to be broadcast on either Versus or’s web sites. This is all had to offer – and it doesn’t even mention when it will be on. An event like this is showbiz, baby, and needs to be treated as such. Shit, I have been involved in Bowling League Banquets that were better publicized.

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Flipping the Scripps

Tonight, the Scripps National Spelling Bee will take place, allowing some bookworm kid (not Charlie Brown) to add a nice little crown jewel to their college application by becoming the National Champ. Last year, Evan O’Dorney took home the prize by nailing “serrefine” in the final round. Nice work, Evan.  Now go outside and play something.  Please.

This year, like last year, the final will be held live on prime-time network television, and millions will tune in to watch Websterites correctly spell words like euonym, elegiacal, and vivisepulture. (It should be noted that all three of these words have been clinchers for past champions, yet Microsoft Word doesn’t recognize any of them.) However, as fun as it is to see kids in white polo shirts correctly spell stuff, I think it would by much more enjoyable to watch the complete opposite. Without further ado, we give you the Versus Presents the 2008 Versus Studio Team Spelling Bee, shown exclusively by Versus on Versus.

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So, about those ratings

Apparently, fans remembered that the NHL exists this off-season. Ratings are on the rise, and Games 1 and 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals on Versus broke all sorts of records for the channel. After the jump are some interesting bits of trivia concerning the highest hockey numbers on cable since 2002.

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Mark Messier Failed As An Analyst Because Versus Wouldn’t Let Him Do It His Way

Most of you by now have seen footage or witnessed first-hand Mark Messier going down in flames during his gig as analyst during Versus’ Game 3 broadcast of the Stanley Cup Finals. For those of you who have not, please take a gander:

Obviously, not a very good showing by the hockey hero. To be fair, most former athletes struggle to make the transition to analyst – I imagine it can be downright terrifying trying to speak with all those cameras pointed directly at you.

What most people are not aware of is that Messier would have fared much better if Versus brass would have let him do it his way.

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