Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Dan Hinote

I’ll admit it. I am a fan of a lame-ass hockey franchise. But even the lame have to have some standards. Right? Help me out here, people.

The St. Louis Blues are so starved for star power (sorry Chris Mason, but I don’t think you qualify) that they are hyping the marriage of fourth-liner/press box regular Dan Hinote to Amy McCarthy, in an apparent attempt to get some PR mileage out of the connection to her has-been semi-celebriskanky sister Jenny.

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It’s Hard Work, the Ascent to Mount Royal

Tom Kostopoulos: All 30 months of planning converging on a single moment in time.

Ryan O’Byrne: Over 3 million people were chosen to cement their moment in history, yet only one is deemed worthy by us to create meaning, to create essence, to create a reason for going on in this pitiful existence.

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