Sean Avery: Fuck Ovechkin

[Rangers down 3-1 in the third period, Avery makes his move against Alexander Ovechkin]

HEY DOUCHE COCK! MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR MOTHERFUCKER!! You smegma-eating asshole! I’m going to eat your fucking heart!

[Avery goes after Ovechkin and drops the gloves. Unfortunately, John Erskine drives Avery into the boards from behind and beats him senseless. Avery won’t be getting up for a while…his mouth finally wrote a check his body couldn’t cash.]



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    Sean Avery: Fuck Ovechkin | Melt Your Face-Off

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    Sean Avery: Fuck Ovechkin | Melt Your Face-Off

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    Sean Avery: Fuck Ovechkin | Melt Your Face-Off

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