Sean Avery: Party in Hotlanta


[Avery, still talking to no one in particular, demands the taxi driver take him to the hottest club in town.]

What the fuck is this place? My Sister’s Room? Fuck, I’ve gotten laid in my sister’s room plenty of times! This will be easy! Hey, you! Douchenozzle!

[A very, very, very masculine girl, with lipstick girlfriend in tow, approaches]

“…the fuck do you want?”

Get out of my way, guy. I’m going to take your girl, stick my thumb in her asshole, my middle finger in her cunnilinga, and use her for a bowling ball!

[Saving you the gory details, our “hero” is about to get assraped by a couple hard-nosed bulldykes. It’s best we fade to black….children might be watching.]