If you can’t take a hit, take a shower.

I was stuck watching the Rangers and Penguins through the magic of a Slingbox last night, due to my travels and travails across the Globe. Sitting in my room, staring at the fuzzy screen, thousands of miles from Madison Square Garden, I was screaming in unintelligible jibberish previously only known to Buzz Bissinger. Why?


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San Jose: FAIL

Seriously, San Jose? Three goals in the first three and a half minutes. Three goals on a world class exceptional okay professional goalie. And you shit the bed that much? You get beat by goddamn CuJo? No one in the whole damned world knew that CuJo was their backup. I checked. Even Flames fans were clueless. You better shape the fuck up, assholes.

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Focusing the Haterade: Scott Burnside

We try to be fair in spreading the hate around here. We hate because we love. Except Gary Bettman. He sucks.

But Scott Burnside? For the second time today, MYFO says Go fuck yourself.

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