Caption Contest: Martin Skoula, Amateur Optometrist

Hey Josh, I think you have something in your eye.

Hello kids. I have decided to open up the comments section to a good old fashioned Caption Contest. It’s like making fun of retards, without the guilt and feelings of supremacy.

Please join us in the comments section and show why MYFO readers are the most funny, perverse and “special” (in a good way) people on these here internets. So go ahead and let us know what would be the most fitting caption for the above photo. Winner gets their choice of any MYFO product from our store on Zazzle. Most imporantly, be the third person in the world to don MYFO gear! (Other than me and LeNoc’s grandma – that cooky lady)

Submissions will be accepted through Friday, October 10th.

Be nice. Although, we encourage you to make jokes along the lines of “buk-hockey?”, any acceptable attempt at humor will become the intellectual property of MYFO and we will use it accordingly and make millions of dollars off of it while you sit there eating Smack Ramen. Sucks to be you.


Perhaps It Is Time For Some Reconditioning…

A Clockwork Orange

Directly from MYFO‘s “Beating a Dead Horse Department”, we bring you this: Josh Harding, he of the Rascal Flatts decorated goalie mask, attended a Martina McBride concert a couple of weeks ago while the Wild were in Columbus, ultimately hanging out backstage with McBride’s opening act, Jack Ingram. And if that weren’t bad enough, he brought the lady-killer that is Brent Burns along for the show.

First off, what the fuck is a Jack Ingram? And secondly, Josh, don’t drag Brent down with you, man.

Most importantly, Josh, this has gone far enough. I think it’s time we get you some help. It’s time for some extreme behavior modification.

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