Peter Stastny Is Still Fucking Pissed at Those Communist Bastards

Commie Killer

Peter Stastny is an NHL Hall of Famer. He had a stellar career with the Nordiques, Devils and Blues, finishing with 450 goals and more than 1,200 points in less than 1,000 games. Stastny also was one of the first players (and the first major star) to defect from Communist Europe to play in North America.

For you youngsters out there, Communism once filled the role that “islamofascism” now plays in the world; i.e., overhyped threat to goodness, democracy and apple pie, headed by cartoonish egomaniacs and borderline psychotic thugs who hate our way of life, particularly all the fun parts like making lots of money and taking sarcastic verbal potshots at your own government.

For most of us, Communism is pretty much a punchline at this point. But not for Peter Stastny. Nope, Peter still wants to send all those Commie bastards straight to the Hell in which their black atheist hearts refuse to believe.

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