All It Takes is a First-Round Pick

Now all you have to do is sign him.  Don’t worry Hitch, 10 playoff goals won’t inflate his salary too much.


The MYFO Hatiquette

Reading Can be Fun.For those of you with Versus (read: both of you), you may have caught the Battle of Pennsylvania last night, as the Flyers and Penguins skated to a 2-2 tie at the Wachovia Center.

Wait, I forgot about Joffrey Lupul’s hat trick.  Make that 5-2.

Wait, I forgot about R.J. Umberger’s hat trick.  Make that 8-2.  There, much better.

So, in a long overdue vengeance game, the Flyers defeated a team that owned them (8 times) last season.  And thanks to Lupul and Umberger, many a Philly fan has been forced to add “new Flyers hat” to their last-minute Christmas list.  A hat trick in hockey is the NHL’s version of making it rain.  The subterranian arena maintenance staff gets choice pick at some new lids, the crowd goes insane while the Ice Girls bend over in spandex to retrieve said hats, and nobody dies on account of reckless gunfire.  Everybody wins!

After the jump, the MYFO Public Service Department reveals the Do’s and Don’ts of Hat Trick Celebrations: The Hatiquette.

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I’d Gladly Pay You Tuesday for an Umberger Today

beer-fridge.jpgAfter a cursory review of last year’s NHL statistics, I’ve concluded that Edmonton’s attempted poach of Sabres’ left wing Thomas Vanek wasn’t as crazy as it seemed. Sure, the obvious numbers are there – 5th in goals scored, 9th in shooting percentage – and while the money that Buffalo had to shell out to keep him seems obscene, it may be worthwhile in the long run. After all, Vanek last year did take the title in another highly regarded scoring statistic, plus/minus. His +47 makes him the current holder of the Bud Light Plus-Minus Award, which means two things. First, his presence on the ice greatly increased the Sabres’ chances to light the lamp. Second, he’s probably drunk right now.

However, every spectrum has two ends, which means that there’s one player who came in dead-last for that much-celebrated fridge of free beer. And it’s fitting that this end of the spectrum plays for the team who once played their home games in The Spectrum.

I give you #20 on the Philadelphia Flyers: Center R.J. Umberger. Continue reading