The Commissioner’s Challenge: 3 Games for Briere

“All right. I’m feeling generous this morning. Three games. But no appeals. And he’s got to see the shrink, and no more listening to Fall Out Boy.”
“I appreciate the consideration. I’ll take care of his iPod personally.”

Being magnanimous had not been as unpleasant as he’d feared. As Driver pulled into the parking garage, the Commissioner prepared for the day’s first order of office business: the weekly progress meeting. It had been his own idea, and he looked forward to it. Charts. Reports. Underlings seeking his approval.

As he stepped out of the elevator and headed toward the conference room, he smelled a combination of sugar and fried fat that could only be one thing: donuts. Sure enough, inside the conference room stood a delivery guy holding several dozen of the delightful treats.


“Who ordered these donuts?” the Commissioner asked. There had never been donuts at the weekly progress meeting before. Or any other meeting, under his watch.

“Um, I did, sir,” a scraggly looking kid with glasses stepped forward. “I thought it would be, like, a morale booster. I thought we could all chip in or something?”

The Commissioner paused. He really ought to throw the donut delivery driver out. And fire this pencil-necked nobody who had ordered donuts with no authority to speak of. And the rest of those who were standing around, noses twitching, drool beginning to seep out of the corners of their mouths. But a strange sensation had come over him. His magnanimity was spreading. He had an incredible urge to just whip out his wallet and pay for the donuts. Maybe even tip the delivery guy. No! Was he going soft? This was so confusing.

Should the Commissioner pick up the tab? Or assert his authority?