The Commissioner’s Challenge: Call Kelly’s Bluff

“Forget it, Kelly. In fact, forget you, melon farmer. I’m going to send those pictures to your wife. Maybe she’ll change her tune when she sees how pretty Billy is. And after the players vote you out on your rear end, I’ll get my realignment, too.”
“Melon farmer? You’ve been watching movies on TBS again, haven’t you? Well, you just made the biggest mistake of your life. Which is saying something. My boys will be delivering a response. Personally.”

The Commissioner hung up again. Finally, he felt better. He had half a mind to call Norby! back and change his mind on that deal, too. Of course, he didn’t have any dirt on Norby! Not yet, anyway.

Half an hour later, his secretary buzzed through. “Mrs. Bettman is on Line 2.”

“What’s the matter? You’re not supposed to bother me at the office.”
“I’m sorry. It’s just that there was this really creepy black car parked in our driveway. It just sat there for five minutes.”
“Well, where is it now?”
“It left.”
“Well, there you go. Case closed.”
“But I keep hearing things in the backyard.”
“It’s probably squirrels. I’ll be home later. Goodbye, Mrs. Bettman.”

But after he hung up, he remembered Kelly’s threats. About a response being delivered “personally.” A strange feeling started to come over the Commissioner. It took a minute or two, but he finally realized what it was: worry.

“The Commissioner does not get worried,” he said out loud, to no one in particular. Still, perhaps he should go home early. But what kind of example would that set for the marketing interns? Next thing you know, some of them would want to leave before their 8 p.m. quitting time for “family reasons.” Should he stay, or go home early?