The Commissioner’s Challenge: Starbucks

The Commissioner raised his left hand and made a subtle gesture with his pinky that Driver caught in the rearview mirror. It was to be Starbucks. As the town car idled in the drive-through, the Commissioner checked his Blackberry. As always, his eyes gravitated toward the daily email titled “Blog Coverage.” A year ago, he had hired an assistant whose sole job was to monitor the Internet for negative coverage of the league, and, more importantly, its Commissioner. Colin had warned him against getting too heavily and emotionally involved in keeping up with blogs, but sometimes he couldn’t help himself.

Today, Assistant had included a link to Melt Your Face Off, and bunch of smartasses who apparently fancied themselves as humorists, but were, in the Commissioner’s considered opinion, a bunch of punks. As Driver wordlessly passed his Chai Tea Latte back through the divider window, the Commissioner hesitated. Should he click the link or not?