The Commissioner’s Challenge: Too Late

Mere moments after slipping his Blackberry into his pocket, the Commissioner’s direct line–the one he likes to think of as the Very Important Phone–rings at his desk.

“This is the Commissioner.”
“Hey, Commissioner. That was a bad move. You screwed over our pal. Now somebody else is gonna get screwed.'”
“Who is this?”
“Someone who is sitting in your driveway.”

The caller hung up. It was probably a crank call. Granted, the caller did not ask if his refrigerator was running, but it was the same thing, really. But how did he get the number to the Very Important Phone? Not even Mrs. Bettman had that number. A strange feeling started to come over the Commissioner. It took two full minutes to realize what it was: worry.

“The Commissioner does not get worried,” he said out loud, to no one in particular. Still, perhaps he should go home early. But what kind of example would that set for the marketing interns? Next thing you know, some of them would want to leave before their 8 p.m. quitting time for “family reasons.” Should he stay, or go home early?