Derek Boogaard Doesn't Care About Lady Byng

BoogaardWhen Derek Boogaard and his younger brother, Aaron, thought about what they could do to pass on their NHL knowledge on to young kids, they did what appeared most sensible to them: host a camp dedicated to teaching kids how to fight. Derek and Aaron host a fight clinic which is open to kids 12-18 in their hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan.

“We’re showing them the little things that would help them out, rather than them learning the hard way and getting hurt.”

There is nothing better than professional athletes going out and doing what they can to help make their community a better place. The only drawback is by the time these young men are old enough to utilize the skills learned at the camp, when they get to the NHL, fighting will most likely be banned in the game. Oh well. At least they will never get their ass kicked in a bar fight. And, for that, they can thank the Brothers Boogaard.

It's Wild, Man…Wild!

Greetings and salutations to one and all. You can call me Weed Against Speed and my plan is to be your source for all things Minnesota Wild. I am not well-versed (?) in this blogging gig, but I hope to contribute good information, nonsensical references and dick jokes. Any comments or suggestions are welcomed and encouraged – unless they are critical. I do not do well with criticism. But anyhoo, I thought since my team will be the Minnesota Wild and to maintain the theme, I kindly submit a fight from our favorite bruiser in the Land of 10,000 Lakes: Derek Boogaard facing off against Todd Fedoruk of the Anaheim Ducks. Bastards. It’s short and sweet. Enjoy!