The Adventures of Olie the Goalie

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MYFO Liveblog: The NHL Draft

Hey there, friends! Tonight we’ll be liveblogging the NHL Draft, as advertised. Be sure to join us just before 7 PM EDT as we get together for the final time this season and make fun of foreigners with funny names as teams pin their franchise hopes on a kid too young for pubes.

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Aw, shit…

Doucheshark-fin!Hockey Jesus

Now I gotta deal with Hockey Jesus giving sermons to this schmuck?

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It Really Is Always Sunny in SoCal

It’s a Madhouse!

You are the PR director for the LA Kings. It’s been a tough season, and really the only thing your fans have to look forward to is the draft lottery (again). Yet, you still have a responsibility to churn out positive-sounding blog items on the team page. So what do you do?

Why, spin away like James Carville on a meth bender, of course. “COMPARED TO LAST YEAR: The Kings, in several categories, have surpassed totals from last season.” Continue reading

False Hope


Paul Maurice: My stomach doesn’t feel as bad as it once did. Weeks of cottage cheese, strained peas, and electrolytes have appeased my poor digestive tract. There’s still a lingering sensation of indigestion hovering around my duodenum. Will I ever fully recover? Ohhh, am I ever going to be rid of this?

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