Don’t Look Now.

It’s that time on the Interwebs where every puck journalist and blogger scours the 2008-2009 NHL season for the ten Can’t Miss Games on the upcoming docket.  Regardless of season, you can count on the same boring list from the mainstream media, year after year. 

  1. The season opener (shocker, I know)
  2. Stanley Cup rematch
  3. Any game not played indoors
  4. Matchup of league’s two biggest stars
  5. Hometown hero’s new team coming to old town
  6. Slightly less important hometown hero’s new team coming to old town
  7. Minnesota’s old team vs. Minnesota’s new team
  8. Sidney Crosby
  9. Sidney Crosby
  10. Sidney Crosby

At least Wysh had an inspired choice with Richard Zednik’s return to the ice.  (UPDATE: Wasn’t referring to our PD in the above ‘graph.)

After the jump, MYFO gives you the 10 Must-Miss Games of the 08-09 Campaign.

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