Meta: Selling Out, New Feature, Reader Response, and Construction



Evening folks. As Rask points out below (look now! I’ll be here when you come back.), tomorrow begins the season. With that, MYFO is taking the opportunity to kick back into full-speed. We have a few more previews to come out, but heading into the final “Off Weekend”, we’re introducing another new feature, and this one is designed to only pop up once in a while!

Before we get to that, a bit of Meta stuff.: we here at MYFO apologize in advance for any down time we have over the weekend. We’re doing a bit of last-minute pre-season cleaning that we should have done over the summer, but one of us was about as productive as a monkey masturbating with a banana peel over the summer. Not saying who (me) but that person is very sorry for the time that he (I) has (have) wasted. Good lord willing, and creeks not rising, we’ll be new and improved Monday morning, with special treats for everyone!

Also, MYFO started the process of selling out to the highest bidder by joining in on ESPN: The Magazine’s hockey preview. Go comment on their post and tell them how funny we are. We’re selling out more in the near future, but we’ll tell you about that once things are finalized.

And now, after the break, we introduce The MYFO Home Game.

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MYFO Meta: Welcome to the 500 Club

Well, folks, this post not only marks the end of our broadcasting day here at MYFO, but it’s also our 500th post. On July 11th, our first day in existence, we had 22 hits. Now, we’ve almost doubled that. In fact, we’re the 164th biggest sports blog on the intertubes.

We’d like to thank all of you for tuning in this week and making this week our Best Week Ever in terms of traffic. After the jump, some special thanks and a sneak preview of what we’ve got in store for you for the rest of April, and all of May and June as well.

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Meta MYFO: Losing an Editor, Gaining a Contributor

Hey gang. We wanted to announce this after last night’s live blog so the Original Gang of Five could finish on a high note.

This will be my last day as an editor for Melt Your Face-Off.

Unfortunately, my work schedule has escalated to the point where my lack of contribution is visible even among our casual readers. Rather than allowing the blog to suffer by an absentee Editor, I’m voluntarily giving up my place and becoming a Contributor. I may or may not be back next season, depending on whether the Lightning decide to field a competitive team again.

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TWW: MYFO goes Audible

Welcome everyone to another edition of The Weekly Whoring. This week, we pimp out an internet radio show and all its three or four listeners. Why? Because we got suckered into helping out. Last Friday, I co-hosted for about 45 minutes on the internet show Frozen Showzen, wherein I did what I do best: Bad jokes, talk about the Lightning, and make fun of Gary Bettman. You can tell I have never done live radio before, but I suppose it could have ended up worse.

We’ll be doing guest shots on this show in the upcoming weeks. As of right now, it’s on Fridays at 9 PM, but there’s talk of moving that time slot. Of course, if you have a social life (and why should you? You’re reading a hockey blog.) and aren’t sitting at your computer on Friday nights, the archives are available immediately after the show ends.

Feel free to make fun of my Kermit voice in the comments.

Fairly Unfunny Tales

Once upon a time, there was an old man named John. He was a proud and noble man, capable of fighting the strongest of villains who dared to hurt his fellow townspeople. In his later years, John became mayor of his fair village, hoping to one day pass the title along to his son, John Jr.

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