Guess What Will Be Making An Appearance On “The Tonight Show” This Evening?

The whirlwind publicity tour for the Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings begins in earnest tonight as Chris Osgood and Nicklas Lidstrom will appear Tuesday night on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”. They are even bringing along Lord Stanley’s Cup, so be sure to tune in (I can’t believe I just wrote that about Leno). I’m sure we can all agree that Jay Leno is an insufferable douchebag and the question at hand is: will their appearance on the show be more awkward or more aggravating? MYFO takes a hypothetical look, after the jump.

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MYFO Liveblog: Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals

If you think I’m going to use that goddamned overtime cat again, you’re nuts. That was a jinx.

Anyway, Game 6 is tonight. Can the Pens gut out another win? We’ll find out.

In the meantime, join us here for the liveblog starting around 7:30 PM EDT

MYFO Liveblog: Do or Die – Game 5

Here we go again, kiddies. Tonight, once again, the MYFO Crew will gather for another liveblog for Game 5. Be there. Be square. We don’t care.


Here is the link to enter the liveblog. We’ll see you around 7:30 PM EDT tonight!

MYFO Live Blog of Game 4! Be There Or Be Square!

Just a heads up from your friendly neighborhood hockey blog before everyone leaves for their Friday night festivities: we will be live blogging Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals on Saturday night at 8:00 p.m. EST. So be sure to take a few hours out of your busy weekend to spend some quality time with MYFO tomorrow evening – it’s usually a hoot and holler. The usual cast of characters of course will be there and we hope a few new ones will stop by as well. You can find a link to the live blog below, so make sure you get all your chores done in time (whatever they may be), drop by MYFO and participate in the tomfoolery and skullduggery.

UPDATE: The live blog can be found by following this link. Jump down the rabbit hole, if you like.

MYFO Liveblog: Stanley Cup Finals Game 3

Hey gang–we’re at it again. Tonight when the Penguins and Red Wings face off for Game 3, your MYFO Editors (the ones that aren’t scuba diving in their basements, anyway) are going to be liveblogging.

Click here to go to the liveblog at about 7:30 PM Eastern time. We’ll see you there!

Mike Milbury is Good with the Talking

Hi.  My name is Mike Milbury, and I’m currently a broadcast analyst for an array of stations carrying the NHL Playoffs.  I’d like to use this forum to apologize regarding some comments I may have made during Sunday’s telecast of the Philadelphia Flyers and Washington Capitals on NBC. 

I don’t think the Washington hockey team is the “Crapitals.”

It was a slip of the tongue, and in no way did I wish to infer that the Captials are a crappy hockey team.  I have contacted Ted Leonsis, and he understands that my comments were unintentional.  To make up my verbal infraction, I promised that should I ever be given another General Manager position, I will promptly trade two 1st-round draft picks in the upcoming draft in exchange for a tasty sandwich of his choosing.

Ted, if you’re reading this: I love me some Reuben.

Now that I have that piece of business out of the way, I’d like to offer an exclusive take on the series in question just for MYFO Nation. 

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