MYFO Liveblog: Stanley Cup Finals Game 3

Hey gang–we’re at it again. Tonight when the Penguins and Red Wings face off for Game 3, your MYFO Editors (the ones that aren’t scuba diving in their basements, anyway) are going to be liveblogging.

Click here to go to the liveblog at about 7:30 PM Eastern time. We’ll see you there!

TWW: Stanley Cup Finals! Liveblogs! Contests! Free Stuff!

Have I gotten your attention yet, kiddies? Good! Click through the jump for MYFO’s Finals Schedule and Liveblog Schedule, including instructions on how to enter our contest to win free Versus Swag, including posters, jerseys, and a special grand prize.

[EDIT: Hi Deadspinners! You can reach the Liveblog by going here starting at 7:30 PM EDT]

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TWW: Tonight on Versus

Tonight on Versus is a rare treat. For the first time since the lockout, two Game 7s will be played on the same night. And, for the first time that I can remember, they’ve being played on the same channel back-to-back. No “Joined in Progress”. No “Here’s some highlights to tide you over”. Nothing of the sort. Alexander Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals look to complete their comeback against the Philadelphia Flyers tonight in Washington, D.C. at 7 PM EDT.

Then, immediately following that game, the San Jose Sharks look to hold off the challenge of the Calgary Flames, led by Owen “Nelson” Nolan and everyone’s favorite goalie with random additional letters in his name, Miiiikkkkkiiiikkkka Kiprusoff. That game 7 will be in the Shark Tank of San Jose.

Sharks! Flames! Capitals! Flyers! Tonight! Only on VERSUS! Who will be victory? Who will be defeat?

TWW: Versus does the Playoffs

Hello again, cats and kittens. The lovely ladies of Versus have asked us to put up a video advertising the playoffs for them. Since we’re suckers for anything in a skirt, we’re gladly obliging. Watch the video, click through, and watch the playoffs on Versus. If, yanno, it’s available from your cable company. Tonight, Versus has a double-header with Rangers/Devils Game 4 at 7 PM EDT and Red Wings/Predators Game 4 at 9 PM EDT.

They actually have double-headers every night for the rest of the week. So tune in. The HD cameras are getting better and better every week. Also, stay tuned to MYFO for the rest of the playoffs, as we’ve got a whole bunch more nifty stuff to roll out before the Cup is Hoisted in June.

TWW: We Are Pleased To Announce The Opening Of The MYFO Store On Zazzle

Do you hate to go shopping at the mall? Can’t stand the crowds, the overload to the senses, the security personnel that follows your every move when you’re in Aeropostale? Well, friends, those uncomfortable days are going to be long behind you now that you can take care of nearly all your hockey blog-related shopping needs at The MYFO Store on!

So go and peruse all of the wares we are peddling and if something tickles your buying bone, don’t be afraid to make a purchase. We can assure you that the clothing is made with only the highest quality materials by the best unskilled child labor that Indonesia has to offer.

There is a handy link to our store on Zazzle on the right sidebar of this site. Don’t be afraid to use it.

And remember, 10% of all proceeds go directly to The MYFO Fund.

The MYFO Fund: Money for Bloggers.

Don’t be afraid to spend some of the money you earn reading and commenting on blogs all the live-long day. We need the money. Attorneys that specialize in Appellate Law don’t come cheap. 

MYFO Fantasy Playoff Pool

Welcome to the beginning of a busy week here at MYFO. To kick things off first thing on a Monday, we’re opening up the MYFO Fantasy Playoff Pool. Here you can match fantasy teams of playoff players against your favorite MYFO Commenters and Editors. After the jump are rules, instructions, and other nifty things.

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TWW: Hey! Everyone! Check Out Our Kick-Ass Brackets!

Safety BracketThe NCAA Men’s Hockey Tournament season is upon us once again. I know it is hard to remain composed, but please try to control your excitement. In all seriousness, if any of you out there are able to catch any of the games, be sure to check them out. In a way, college hockey is what NHL hockey should aspire to be, with the larger ice sheets, unbridled enthusiasm and cockeyed optimism, which if he were a real person, Billy Mumphrey would just have to wholeheartedly endorse. After the jump, check out our picks in MYFO’s First Ever Inaugural Annual Original NCAA Division I Men’s Hockey P(h)uck-Off Memorial Presented by Bellsouth*

* not actually presented by Bellsouth

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