What A Silly Little Mess This Is Turning Out To Be!

Sometime last week, at 3:00 a.m., somewhere in Ontario, a telephone rings…

Todd: Toodles!

Marc: Todd?

Todd: That’s what they call me at the nightclubs! Oh my, look at the time. Who is this?

Marc: It’s me, Marc. How are you?

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MYFO Editorial: Open Letter to Gary Bettman

We here at MYFO try rarely to be serious about things. We bring the funny. But there are times, such as now, where we stare at a piece of news and can find no humorous slant to take on it, because it’s just infuriating. This summer, we will be introducing a series of Open Letters to personalities around the NHL. As always, much love and respect to the artist formerly known as I Party With Smoot for the artwork. Today, we introduce the first in that series, an Open Letter to Gary Bettman.

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It’s Hard Work, the Ascent to Mount Royal

Tom Kostopoulos: All 30 months of planning converging on a single moment in time.

Ryan O’Byrne: Over 3 million people were chosen to cement their moment in history, yet only one is deemed worthy by us to create meaning, to create essence, to create a reason for going on in this pitiful existence.

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Dominik Hasek Will Flip You. He’ll Flip Ya For Real

Fred Fenster

During the Detroit Red Wings total dismantling of the Minnesota Wild Friday night by an ass-whooping score of 5-0, Dominik Hasek came way out of his crease late in the third period on a breakaway by Marian Gaborik and completely upended the Slovak by sliding sideways into him and taking out his legs. Was it a dirty play in a game the Red Wings had completely in hand? Possibly. Hasek was called for a tripping minor but some would argue that The Dominator should have been assessed a match penalty for intent to injure on the play. Decide for yourself, after the jump: Continue reading

You Should Never Underestimate A Group Of Hockey Moms, Part II: Anaheim


As previously reported here on MYFO, the Minnesota Wild brought along some of the players’ mothers on their West Coast road trip a few  weeks ago. As if their debauchery in Phoenix wasn’t enough, documentation regarding the attempt to continue their reign of terror in Anaheim on October 14th follows.

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You Should Never Underestimate A Group Of Hockey Moms, Part I: Phoenix

Wild Mothers

When the Minnesota Wild organization invited the mothers of players to join the team on their West Coast road trip this past week, everyone involved thought it was a good idea – the team had already honored the dads last year with a similar trip, so why not the mothers? It was certainly due time for the moms to be shown a little gratitude and appreciation for all they’ve done to turn their sons into NHL-caliber players. Everyone knows that it is almost never the dads shuttling their boys back and forth to 6:00 a.m. practices. It was a nice gesture, indeed, and probably long overdue.

What the Wild brass did not realize is by bringing the moms together they unwittingly assembled – perhaps even unknown to the mothers themselves –  a collection of women that finally had the opportunity to truly live.  What follows is what I have been able to cull by going through police reports, reviewing witness accounts and listening to recorded conversations. Spaces in the narrative have been filled with a little dash of conjecture and a generous helping of “artistic license” by yours truly.

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