Ask Dr. Doubt: Pittsburgh and Detroit in the finals? Go Meteor!

It’s time for Ask Dr. Doubt, with your host, Dr. Doubt. If you have questions for Ask Dr. Doubt, please send them to Dr. Doubt at

So Detroit and Pittsburgh have both won Games 1 and 2 fairly convincingly. After the jump, Dr. Doubt takes questions from a few fans on what to do who to root for in this prospective finals series.

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Red Wings Clinch President’s Trophy, First Round Embarrassment

It’s time to play Ask Dr. Doubt! With your host, Dr. Doubt!

Oh! Hello there!

Dr. Doubt, here’s a letter from Robbie from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and he asks, “Dear Dr. Doubt, now that the Red Wings have clinched the President’s Trophy, does that mean they’ll win the Stanley Cup?”

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