Ovie’s Passion Part II: Dreadful Wednesday


*Sigh*, why must we haz this silly Ceres Money?

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An An Important Message: College Football Fans Love Young Men

Greetings. Anyone who is a diehard fan of anything scares me. Hardcore drinkers and drug users who find God in rehab centers occupy the top of my Creepy People list. They trade one vice, nature’s sweet nectar that expands their minds and lightens their wallets, for an inferior, ephemeral one that closes their minds and lightens their wallets just as much, if not more. I’ll stick with the religion that comes in a 750 mL bottle with scents of vanilla, maple, and caramel while ridding my body of the anxiety and depression that are part and parcel of pathological perfectionism.

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The Knaves of Toews Emerge!


One more warning sound
We’re comin’ out




We’ve sequestered ourselves under the Blackhawks shop for a month, abstaining from any distractions. No Theo Fleury Xanax parties, no Jeremy Roenick karaoke impressions, nothing. Just pure concentration on October 22, 2007.

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Isolation. I-so-la-shuh-hun. Isolation.




My life is over at 23.

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