Aren’t We Finished Yet? Hextall’s Awkward Glimpse at Caps-Flyers

Gee, thanks, NHL.  I had figured that the pencil-pushers just fell asleep mid-schedule.

The Sharks and Flames are already a pair deep in their Pacific match-up, and the Flyers and Capitals are still waiting in their stalls with their special Stanley Cup patches by their team’s crests.  But as a Philly fan that calls DC my residence, I can tell that this city is ready.  Release the puck already!

All the talk this week has been directed at the Caps destined Hart winner, the Russian that wears number 8.  And while his Segway is benched in this series, I expect him as the central figure in NBC’s man-crush in this series.  Still, I think that this series has many angles that the media’s missing.  They are:

  •  The Flyers are better than the Caps. That’s it.

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MYFO Completely Biased Playoff Preview: Rangers v. Devils

Oh, c’mon. Who did you think was going to be doing this preview?

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MYFO’s Completely Impartial Playoff Preview: Wild VERSUS Avalanche

As we enter the mystical time of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, MYFO felt it was necessary to take an open-minded look at the matchups in the Quarterfinals and provide our dear readers with an even-handed preview of each series.

Next up is Weed Against Speed with his preview of the Wild/Avalanche series, which kicks off tonight at the Xcel Energy Center in Saint Paul.

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MYFO Completely Biased Playoff Preview: Penguins v. Senators

Hockey Jesus

Break out the Holy Water. This could get ugly.

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