Meta: Selling Out, New Feature, Reader Response, and Construction



Evening folks. As Rask points out below (look now! I’ll be here when you come back.), tomorrow begins the season. With that, MYFO is taking the opportunity to kick back into full-speed. We have a few more previews to come out, but heading into the final “Off Weekend”, we’re introducing another new feature, and this one is designed to only pop up once in a while!

Before we get to that, a bit of Meta stuff.: we here at MYFO apologize in advance for any down time we have over the weekend. We’re doing a bit of last-minute pre-season cleaning that we should have done over the summer, but one of us was about as productive as a monkey masturbating with a banana peel over the summer. Not saying who (me) but that person is very sorry for the time that he (I) has (have) wasted. Good lord willing, and creeks not rising, we’ll be new and improved Monday morning, with special treats for everyone!

Also, MYFO started the process of selling out to the highest bidder by joining in on ESPN: The Magazine’s hockey preview. Go comment on their post and tell them how funny we are. We’re selling out more in the near future, but we’ll tell you about that once things are finalized.

And now, after the break, we introduce The MYFO Home Game.

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MYFO Turns One: By the Numbers

As I mentioned in this weirdly-fonted introduction post, I’m the one guy on this shift that is neither a lawyer or a schismatic murderer.  I’m the numbers guy.  And as wordy as litigators tend to get, the world of finance lives and dies by bullet points.  (Bullets are so violent.  Just ask the Washington Wizards.)  So without any further provocation or necessity, I give you the Year in Numbers.

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What Kind of Idiots Launch a Hockey Blog in the Dead of Summer?

Yeah, well, that was us, exactly one year ago. Many of you, we suspect, weren’t around back when this humble little post got things started. It’s like a time capsule! That was like, three banners and several dozen editors and contributors ago! (Hint: I wouldn’t bother sending an email to the address in the post and trying to get yourself hooked up as an editor.)

Here we stand, however, the Final Five Editors. Our faces are not known. But, thanks to the all-bountiful series of tubes, all of our idiot musings last forever, or at least until the FBI shuts down WordPress. Follow us as we re-live MYFO’s rise from complete obscurity to the 256th-most-read hockey blog in North America (Canada excluded).

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MYFO Liveblog: The NHL Draft

Hey there, friends! Tonight we’ll be liveblogging the NHL Draft, as advertised. Be sure to join us just before 7 PM EDT as we get together for the final time this season and make fun of foreigners with funny names as teams pin their franchise hopes on a kid too young for pubes.

Click here to join us!

MYFO Liveblog: Stanley Cup Finals Game 1

Hey cats and kittens, here is the link for the liveblog tonight. Feel free to follow along and comment at will.

Don’t forget to go a couple posts down and enter our Finals contest to win free Versus swag!

Get the cross ready, douchelick.

Long ago, Lord Byron wrote, “The king-times are fast finishing. There will be blood shed like water, and tears like mist. But the peoples will conquer in the end. I shall not live to see it, but I foresee it.”

In other words, get ready, Hockey Jesus. I’m going to take that halo and use it as a cock ring.

MYFO Meta: Welcome to the 500 Club

Well, folks, this post not only marks the end of our broadcasting day here at MYFO, but it’s also our 500th post. On July 11th, our first day in existence, we had 22 hits. Now, we’ve almost doubled that. In fact, we’re the 164th biggest sports blog on the intertubes.

We’d like to thank all of you for tuning in this week and making this week our Best Week Ever in terms of traffic. After the jump, some special thanks and a sneak preview of what we’ve got in store for you for the rest of April, and all of May and June as well.

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