MYFO Mormonisms

Nice stems

Who cares if these are bad ideas--nice stems

Welcome to MYFO’s newest weekly monthly semiweekly annual (maybe) recurring feature, MYFO Mormonism. This is a place where we have ideas that sound good in theory, but when we try to put them into practice, they really don’t turn out as well as we hoped. Much like communism. These are ideas that seem funny to us, but we’re not talented enough to make them into full-blown articles. Join your favorite Melt Your Face-Off writers after the jump for our poorly thought out ideas.

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Now, From The “What Took You So Long” Department…

Who says things move slower in Canadia? In a long-anticipated and much-ballyhooed move (at least to the Habs faithful), the Montreal Canadiens have finally decided to retire Patrick Roy’s number on November 22nd before a game against the Boston Bruins.

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