Ovie’s First Date

Ovie: Honey, I tolds you!! I text, “I hits these posts in honor of Brendan Haywood free throws”, and I ring-ding-donged them like Dr. Dre!!

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Yep…Still Hate the Guy


Originally, my plan was to detail my reactions to the interview of Norm Green that was aired on a local news broadcast here in the Twin Cities yesterday. Unfortunately, the geniuses at KARE 11 threw a wrench in my plan when they elected to spread the interview over two newscasts: Tuesday night and Wednesday night. KARE 11, it appears, is willing to do anything during “Sweeps” to get ratings; even if it involves giving this dickmonger more air time.

Now I could go on and on about how much watching these two segments infuriated and troubled me. I was in high school at the time of the North Stars move, which I believe is the prime age for being a sports fan. When you are that age, being a fan is easy. You love your teams and that’s all there is to it. As we all know, as one gets older, it is so easy to become more jaded and cynical about the teams you choose to support. Shit, most of us can look at our dads and see what years of fandom can do to a person.

The point is (and I’m already getting long-winded here), when the North Stars left, it broke my heart, along with hearts of all the other North Stars fans Green obviously didn’t give two shits about.

After the jump, I will briefly discuss both of the segments that aired. I don’t think it will get too ugly.

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ESPN Loves Hockey, Part #389,577,281

Don Boyle

In ESPN’s NHL Power Rankings this week, the Worldwide Leader ponders the trade deadline future of Lightning defenseman Don Boyle, who, while perhaps not as valuable as Lightning defenseman Dan Boyle, still looks like he can be an asset to Cup contenders looking to add another guitar to their lineup or get help designing a Geocities site.

Yes, I know that this is most likely just a typo, but 1) How often do you see names of NBA or NFL players misspelled on ESPN, ever, even by one letter? and 2) I caught this at 6:30 pm Wednesday and as of 2:15 am Thursday, it hadn’t been corrected. If an MLB article referred to D’Backs pitcher “Don Haren,” there’d be 10,000 comments about it on the site within minutes and whoever posted it would be fired and/or transferred to NHL Columnist duties.

Regardless, I refuse to believe that ESPN just doesn’t care about the NHL.